Hi! My name is Amanda and this is my husband Bryan. 

We met in High School in film photography class in 1998. Yes, we were High School sweethearts! It didn’t take long to find out we had a lot in common: our grandfathers were both photographers! My grandfather had a photography studio at one time in Seattle and Bryans grandfather did freelance for newspaper and landscapes. You could say we were made for each other!

We just celebrated our 23rd wedding Anniversary!   
We love to travel.  We have traveled as far as Southeast Asia and Japan, but Most of our travels are in Central America since we both speak Spanish. 

Small town and small home living is our thing, we live in a small cabin outside of La Center, Washington.  We have an 11 year old Chihuahua/ Jack Russel terrier named Peaches and two kitty cats.

We love the outdoors and our favorite things to do together are kayaking and hiking.

Things Bryan cannot live without: a hammock and his cowboy hat!

Things Amanda can't do without: a good book and a glass of wine!



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